Photography Services:

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Graduation Photos

2 hour session, 3 locations, unlimited outfits.

Engagement Photos

Announce your grand event in style.

Wedding Photography

On site photography and documentation of your special day. I specialize in documenting the feel and mood of your day’s atmosphere.

Portrait Work

Let’s get out and get creative. Portrait photography is about capturing the spirit of one’s self. Let’s find yours.

Event Photography

Show your audiences how great your events were with my event photography. This will improve your business and its engagement with current and future customers.

Landscape Photography

Stunning photography, traveling, learning, growing. Let’s take a trip together.

Architectural Photography

Set your business apart with professional photos of your location. Audiences want to see a professional atmosphere that they can trust.

Fashion Photography

Set your home business, or professional business apart from the crowd with studio or on-site photography displaying your creations.

This is a review of Rachelle's skills as a photographer. I'm so happy to have worked with her because I really feel that she is really good. Thank you for everything, Rachelle. You are a great human and a great photographer. We had so much fun, blah blah blah! Lovely Lovington

We've worked together on many occasions. Rachelle was generous enough to photograph my family when I graduated from Fort Lewis College. This was very special to me and she was very aware of the awkward state of my family and our photos. She worked with us to help us feel more at ease, and the photos very beautifully reflect that. Jacquelyn Anthony,

Hi this is another fake testimonial. We'll get some real reviews once I finish the website structure and can start fleshing out the content. We went out into the mountains and took breathtaking photos together. I'm glad we could work together. Yes yes. Honey Honeyington