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As trends and brands continue to trickle up from the street and onto the runway, brands are continually searching for inspiration on the fringe. Artists like Johnston,GucciGhost and Capo Capitán are but a few examples of the rugged, raw and amateur aesthetic that luxury fashion companies crave when marketing for younger consumers. Reaching out to artists has never been easier, but designers should be careful in making sure to give credit and context where its due. While the details of the incident are still hard to parse out, it’s clear that the idea of authenticity is at the heart of the issue. The incident is similar, however, to the recent string of plagiarism and intellectual property theft cases where in fast fashion companies are charged with lifting designs and motifs from independent brands on Etsy, Big Cartel and elsewhere around the net.


HYPE BEAST Fashion Magazine / 2017


3 June 2017


Identity, Typography, Fashion

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